Ethic Incube V2 Sparkcykel Hjul (Svart)

Ethic Incube V2 Scooter Wheels (Black)

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Check out this awesome trick scooter wheel from the brand Ethic. With a spoked core made from 6061-T6 alloy, the wheel provides a classic look and has all the right features such as light weight and durability. A PU composition with high rebound and good grip is perfect for all your tricks and is ready for both street and park riding. In addition, a durometer on the 88A wheel gives a perfect mix of grip and speed, making it suitable for both street and park riding. Ethic has designed the wheel with a round profile (round) to give you a stable wheel with less friction which leads to increased speed.

  • Weighing only 181g, this wheel has the lightness you need to easily lift off the ground
  • Ball bearings and spacers are included, so just mount and roll out to your favorite spot

Note: Be sure to choose a wheel with a diameter and hub width that fits your deck and front fork.

Wheel diameter : 100mm, 110mm
Wheel Material : PU
Ball bearings and spacers : Included
Wheel hardness : 88A
Core design : Spoked
Weight : 181, 208g
Wheels per pack : 1

Core material : Aluminum 6061 T6
Wheel profile : Round
Ball bearing precision : Not specified
Ball bearing size : 608
Shaft diameter : 8 mm
Wheel hub width : 24mm