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Choose the right bar for the kicbike

A handlebar or bar for your kick bike is manufactured in three different materials, aluminium, steel and titanium.

If you choose an aluminum handlebar for your scooter, you get a lighter handlebar compared to one made of steel. A handlebar made of steel is heavier but lasts better compared to an aluminum one, if you choose a handlebar made of Titanium, it is a light and durable handlebar and a combination of the best.

Choose the right height for my scooter handlebars

A handlebar for a kick bike is individual and there is no exact height as it depends on riding style and personal views, an approximate height is that it should be between the hip bone and navel.

Remember not to have too high a handlebar on your scooter as it can quickly become a stable feeling and if you need help or advice, you can always contact Wallride.

In our store in Växjö, you can always get help in adapting and choosing the right scooter according to your needs, and at Wallride you can always test your scooter in one of Sweden's best skate parks to be completely sure that you choose the right model.

When you shop at Wallride, we always offer free assembly and if you shop for more than SEK 1,000, we offer a two-hour visit to the hall.

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