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Skateboard for children and adults

Skateboarding is a perfect activity for all ages and it's easy to get started, you just need a skateboard, helmet and protection. When you train on a skateboard, you activate large parts of the body and your balance and coordination will be strengthened.

Course in Växjö

We are proud to be able to offer a variety of courses at Wallride, our popular courses are designed to inspire movement and we have courses suitable for all ages.

Choose the right Skateboard

In our store in Växjö, you can always get help with adapting and choosing the right skateboard for your needs, and at Wallride you can always test your skateboard in one of Sweden's best skateparks to be completely sure that you choose the right model.

When you shop at Wallride, we always offer free assembly and if you shop for more than SEK 1,000, we offer a two-hour visit to the hall.

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