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Choose the right kickbike wheels

Choosing the right wheel is important to your overall riding experience and the wheel puts much of the feel into your ride. A wheel for your scooter comes with 2 ball bearings and it is important to remember that your ball bearings are sensitive to moisture, avoid using your scooter in the rain or leaving it outside overnight.

The wheels come in different sizes and the most common to use on a trick scooter are 110mm wheels.

In our store in Växjö, you can always get help in adapting and choosing the right scooter according to your needs, and at Wallride you can always test your scooter in one of Sweden's best skate parks to be completely sure that you choose the right model.

When you shop at Wallride, we always offer free assembly and if you shop for more than SEK 1,000, we offer a two-hour visit to the hall.

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