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Deck for kick bike

An important part of your scooter is the tire or board that you stand on, when choosing a new one it is important to think about which features are important to you. A lighter deck is more fragile but gives you more height and is generally easier to do new tricks with. A heavier and larger one is more durable and adapted for street riding.

A new Deck usually comes without grip tape and this is something you need to buy separately.

Choose the right parts for your kick bike

In our store in Växjö, you can always get help in adapting and choosing the right scooter according to your needs, and at Wallride you can always test your scooter in one of Sweden's best skate parks to be completely sure that you choose the right model.

When you shop at Wallride, we always offer free assembly and if you shop for more than SEK 1,000, we offer a two-hour visit to the hall.

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