Ride a scooter indoors in one of Sweden's best skate parks

We are pleased to be able to offer a top class indoor hall for scooters, skateboards, bmx and inline skates. Wallride is designed and built by knowledgeable practitioners in their sports, which allows us to offer a park that is suitable for all levels and ages.

Children riding scooters in the skatepark wallride in Växjö

Scooter for children and adults

At Wallride, we have adapted the ride and the ramps so that beginners and more advanced riders will have a good experience. At Wallride you can bring your own equipment or rent equipment on site during your visit.

Learn a tailwhip on our trampolines

When you visit Wallride, you also have access to our trampoline park where you can practice new tricks on a trampoline scooter that is available to borrow during your visit. Practicing a new trick and landing softly in an airbag is a great way to practice your scooter skills.

Learn to ride a scooter and skateboard

If you dream of learning a tailwhip or some other trick on your scooter, at Wallride we have a wide range of courses suitable for the whole family. We offer courses for different levels and guarantee an activity suitable for the whole family.

Choose the right scooter and get help with the right parts

Help with scooter assembly at Wallride Skatepark in Växjö

Next to the park, we have a unique shop where you can test out the right scooter for you, we also have a large selection of parts, protection, accessories and offer the possibility of servicing your scooter.

We have a large assortment on our website and you always have free shipping to Wallride and assembly is included with a purchase in our shop.

Our knowledgeable staff will of course help you on site to find the right equipment for your needs.