Activities in our action hall at Wallride in Växjö

Are you looking for activities in Växjö? Then you've come to the right place! At Wallride in Växjö, we have a wide range of fast-paced & fun activities for children and adults. Or how about one of Sweden's most complete indoor parks for kickbikes and skates, a bouldering wall and trampolines?

Street park

Activity street park at Wallride in Växjö

Try Växjö's largest indoor street park of almost 600 square meters. Here there is a wide range of activities, such as drops, banks, rails and ledges. There is something challenging here for both beginners and experienced skiers.

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Activity trampolines at Wallride in Växjö

Trampolines are not only a fun activity, but they help you develop aerial skills, tricks and awareness. In other words, a super fun way to practice and improve your body control! At our facility in Växjö, we have world-class airtracks and trampolines and, of course, an airbag so you can land softly. Great fun for kids and adults of all levels!

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Activity bouldering at Wallride in Växjö

Try Bouldering indoors in Växjö! Bouldering is the simplest form of climbing and takes place on walls up to 5 meters with thick mats placed under the walls. In our hall in Växjö, we have routes suitable for children and adults, from the beginner to the more experienced climber.

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Pump track

Children riding kickbikes at Wallride in Växjö

Best pump track in Växjö? Pumptrack is a perfect activity for practicing balance and movement. Pumptrack is suitable for both kickbikes, skateboards, bmx or inlines. You pick up speed by pumping yourself up the hills and can thus have a long ride. Use your speed and see how high you can get on our five meter high wallride!


Skateboarding in an indoor bowl in Växjö

In the seventies in California, skateboarding got a big boost through bowl skating. This activity is now both a classic and an Olympic discipline. We are proud to have an indoor bowl that is suitable for all skaters who are looking for a good flow.


Boxjump and Resilanding at Wallride in Växjö

Test your new tricks on a Resi before taking them on a hard landing. Our Resi consists of several layers of foam rubber with a rubber mat over it. It is hard enough to carry the momentum on landing but cushions and reduces the risk of injury in the event of a fall.


Buy a kick bike at Wallride in Växjö
In our proshop you will find a variety of skateboards, kickbikes and protection. We have a wide variety and offer a range from your first skateboard to a pro model kick bike. Our skilled staff is on hand to help you find the right product!


Fill up on energy between activities at Wallride in Växjö
Have a coffee while enjoying the best view in town. Up in our stands you have a good overview of the activities taking place in the hall. Choose between watching the talented riders or just charging your batteries between activities.


Activity for the whole family at Wallride in Växjö
Together with Studio Moveit, we create the opportunity to dance for more people. Studio Moveit will conduct regular business in our dance studio. We are happy to offer dance of the highest quality! For booking see

Game of flip on our Olympic trampolines