Try bouldering & climbing in Växjö

Climb the Wallride in Växjö! Climbing is a recognized effective and exciting form of exercise that exercises the whole body. In our climbing hall in Växjö you can try Bouldering – the simplest and according to many the cleanest form of climbing.

Bouldering – a branch of climbing

In bouldering, you climb without ropes, carabiners and other equipment usually associated with climbing. Instead, so-called "crash pads" are used - thick mats under the walls that make it safe to fall.

Climbers testing climbing in Växjö

Climbing trains the body and mind

It is said that climbing is one of the most physically demanding forms of exercise. After test-climbing our trails in Växjö, we can attest to this! Few forms of exercise activate so many of the body's muscle groups with static tension.

It's not enough that the body gets a serious run-through when you climb - it takes full concentration and coordination to get to the top on our most difficult climbing routes. In other words, the brain gets a proper workout too!

Climbing in Växjö with a wide variety

Our climbing routes in the hall in Växjö have a wide variety and suit both the smallest and the more experienced climber. So regardless of whether you are curious to try climbing or if you want to vary your climbing by testing new walls - welcome to climb at Wallride in Växjö!

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