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Kickbike Clamp

When choosing parts for your kick bike, the lamp is an important detail, a clamp is what attaches the handlebars to the fork and ensures that your handlebars are firmly attached and do not move when you ride. A clamp comes in many different colors and designs and leaves a strong impression on how your scooter looks.

Oversized or standard clamp for scooter

As a rule, there are 2 different diameter measurements on Standard that fit bars that are 32mm and oversized bars that are 35mm, if you are not sure what fits your handlebars, you can always contact Wallride at or 0735871747.

Ride a scooter in Växjö

You can always order your products to Wallride in Växjö without shipping costs, take the opportunity to test our trampoline park or climbing wall while we assemble the parts on your kick bike.

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