Try the trampoline in our trampoline park in Växjö

Trampoline in our trampoline park in Växjö
We are proud of our solid trampoline park in Växjö, fully equipped with world-class air track, trampolines and airbags!

Trampoline – fun exercise for body and coordination

Trampoline is, to say the least, a fun form of exercise to develop coordination, resilience, tricks and spatial awareness. Use the trampolines to improve your body control and try one of our trampoline scooters from the popular Indo which is a perfect tool for practicing new tricks on the trampolines before taking them out on the ramps.

Trampoline park with width

We have designed our trampoline park in Växjö to suit the vast majority of age groups and skill levels, so that everyone from the beginner to the more experienced will have great fun! So regardless of whether you are young, old, beginner or professional - Welcome to jump trampoline with us!

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