Our skate park in Växjö - indoor skateboarding with travel, street park, bowl & shop!

Skate park in Växjö

We dare to say that we have Växjö's most complete indoor skatepark. Or how about a 600 m2 street park, a bowl and a completely unique travel mat for the town? With us, residents of Växjö or southern Sweden can go skateboarding all year round.

Unique street park in Växjö

Our skatepark includes an almost 600m2 street surface, full of rails, banks, ledges and drops. Only your imagination sets the limits for you and your skateboard. We've also thought about varying the degree of difficulty properly, which means that the skate park is suitable for both those who want to try skateboarding for the first time and you as a die-hard skater!

Skateboarding in Växjö

Skate park with bowl!

We are a little extra proud that our skate park in Växjö has a complete indoor bowl. Bowlen, which was born in 70s California, has been hot in skateboarding for decades and today is even an Olympic sport. Now we have taken it from California to Småland.

Skate in Växjö

Unique resi-landing

As the first facility in Växjö, we have completed our skate hall with a travel mat.

Resi consists of several layers of foam rubber with a rubber mat over it. The surface layer is hard enough to skate on, but at the same time cushions the fall if you fall. Perfect for those who want to test their new tricks before trying them for real!

Skateboard shop

Next to our skatepark you will find our shop for skateboards and kickbikes. Here you will find a variety of skateboards, kickbikes and protection. The shop, which is one of the few skateboard shops in Växjö, contains a wide range. Here you will find everything from beginner boards to more advanced skateboards and kickbikes.

Visit our store here.

Of course, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the stuff you need!

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