Born to run

At Wallride, we are convinced that the joy of movement in action sports is for everyone. We are therefore super happy to be able to offer Born To Run. During the first two hours of each day, we open up and welcome the smallest practitioners a little extra. As a child under the age of 7, you can bring 1 active adult/entrance with you free of charge. Try out together on our climbing wall which is designed in levels from 3 years and up, practice your balance and speed up the ramps or just jump on our quality trampolines which are guaranteed to bring out a smile regardless of age. We strongly believe in welcoming the younger riders and educating them at an early age in how to act in a fast-paced environment, "look up, show respect and consideration". This is to get more people to be able to share the joy of action sports together. During the "Born To Run" times, the children have priority and we ask other runners to show consideration for this. All riders under the age of 7 should have an actively present adult to ensure a safe and secure experience.

Remember! Anyone, young or old, who uses the trampoline area needs to wear trampoline socks to minimize the risk of injury. Trampoline socks are for sale in our shop.