Klättring på klättervägg i Växjö, Wallride sportlov 2023

Wallride loads up with lots of fun activities for the whole family on the sports holiday!

How about trying climbing on our updated climbing walls? Challenge yourself on our tough obstacle course by the trampolines? Maybe it's time to practice dropping with a skateboard or is a tailwhip with a scooter to be set? Of course, we have staff on site throughout the sports holiday who will help you develop and give you tips and advice to reach new goals. But remember: No prior knowledge is required to have fun on Wallride!

Fill the sports holiday with the joy of movement at Wallride in Växjö

We are extending our opening hours during the sports holiday v.8 and are open:

Fun activity on the sports holiday at Wallride in Växjö - try climbing on the sports holiday

Mon-Fri: 10.00-18.00

Sat-Sun: 10.00-17.00

Course in skateboarding, gymnastics and scooter during the sports holiday.

Monday: Meet Axel, our awesome instructor who rides BMX, trampoline, Parkour, Kickbike and Skateboard. Axel is there so that you feel safe in daring to test all parts of the Wallride.

Tuesday: Do somersaults with Blenda, our very own amazing gymnast. Blenda grew up with gymnastics and skating in her blood and can help you with vaulting, girls ice skating or why not parkour, which she is also an instructor in?

Wednesday: Time to challenge yourself and your body in a great bouldering session. Radiant Annie is ready to safely introduce and develop your climbing technique. She also guarantees the occasional challenge on one of her own set trails. Come and challenge her on the climbing walls!

Thursday: Come skate with magnificent Judith! Judith is more than happy to coach and help you try skateboarding. Remember, no prior knowledge is required! Judith adjusts the level to suit you and is used to both beginners and experienced skaters. Ps, did we mention she's also awesome at climbing?

Friday: We can't get enough of Axel and he's ready to deliver a fast-paced sports holiday Friday! Who can challenge and maybe even beat Axel in our obstacle course?

Saturday: Judith is back on site and delivers a fantastic Saturday feeling! For a fast-paced weekend v.8, we absolutely think you should try all the different activities Wallride in Växjö offers. Try skateboarding, kickbike, trampoline and climbing in a safe environment.

Sunday: We end the sports holiday week with fantastic Frans! If you want to develop in skate, Frans is the person to ride with! Every week he delivers awesome tricks at his skate classes and we've lost count of how many he's taught to drop in the hall. Take the opportunity to have a really fun and fast-paced end to the sports holiday together with Frans at Wallride.

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See you in week 8!


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