Activities for the whole family in Småland

Experiences in Småland

Welcome to Wallride, located in Växjö southern Småland, you will find Wallride an activity park suitable for the whole family.

At Wallride, during a visit you have access to all the activities on offer and in one of Sweden's best indoor skateparks you can try skateboarding, scooters, inline and BMX.

Our vision is to create an inspiring and developing place where everyone, regardless of age and skills, can experience the joy of action sports.

Movement is something we are passionate about in all its forms and we want to convey the passion and community we ourselves have experienced in action sports.

We wish to create a place where children and adults have the opportunity to train together and we offer a hall that is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners

Skate park in Småland

Try Växjö's largest indoor street park of almost 600 square meters. Here there is a wide range of activities, such as drops, banks, rails and ledges. There is something challenging here for both beginners and experienced skiers.

Test the flow in our pump track, childish fun for all ages! The pump track is perfect for training balance and works well for the little ones who want to practice cycling on a balance bike.

At Wallride, everyone is welcome and we welcome kickbikes, skateboards, bmx and inline skates in the hall.

Read more about our skate park here

Skate hall in Växjö with activities for children and adults

Trampoline park in Växjö

At Wallride you can try super trampolines from the Eurotramp brand, they are the same trampolines that were used at the Gymnastics in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and are only available in a few places in Sweden.

In our trampoline park you can practice gymnastics, parkour or just jump and have fun! We have adapted the park so that it should be challenging and fun for all different levels and ages.

If you want to see what it looks like on Wallride, you can take a virtual tour here

Yoump in Växjö

Children's holiday for the active family

Challenge the family on our climbing walls, a guaranteed family favourite.

Our climbing routes in the hall in Växjö have a wide variety and suit both the smallest and the more experienced climber. So regardless of whether you are curious to try climbing or if you want to vary your climbing by testing new walls - welcome to climb at Wallride in Växjö!

Bouldering is a form of climbing where you climb at lower heights without ropes and as protection you have thick mats that protect in the event of a fall. Try the challenges that are on our bouldering walls, here there are challenges suitable for big and small.

Skate shop in Växjö

At Wallride you will also find a shop where we have specialized in everything you need in action sports.

We can offer a wide range of scooters, skateboards, helmets and protection and help you find the right equipment for your needs.

Test the equipment at Wallride when buying, to ensure that the equipment feels good, with us you have the opportunity to test large parts of the range before buying and if you buy for more than SEK 1000, we offer 2 hours of riding in the hall.

In our Webshop you will find one of Sweden's largest selections in action sports and you always have free shipping to Wallride, where we help with the assembly and service of equipment.

See our range here

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