Choose the right height for your scooter

In order to have a good experience with your new trick scooter, it is important that you buy one that is adapted to your height. The height can be individual according to taste and riding style, but below we have a table that can give you a good tool for approximate heights.

Height of person Height of scooter
90-110cm Lower than 70cm
110-130cm 60-75cm
130-140cm 65-79cm
140-150cm 75-80cm
150-160cm 75-85cm
160-170cm 77-87cm
Over 170cm Higher than 84cm

A trick scooter should be between the hip bone and belly button for the best experience.

At Wallride, you always get help to test out the right model for you, and our knowledgeable staff can help with the adaptation of scooters according to your wishes. When you shop at Wallride, you get to test our scooters in one of Sweden's best parks for Kickbikes, Inlines and skateboards. We always have a wide selection in store and a huge range online.

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