Ethic Pandemonium V2, äntligen på Wallride

With a concave bottom, this tire offers an improved feel for increased control and stability during your ride.

Made from 6082 aluminum which is stronger than the traditionally used 6061 and heat treated to T6. This means that the Ethic Pandemonium V2 is engineered to offer unmatched strength and durability.

One of the most exciting improvements is that the Ethic Pandemonium V2 is now compatible with 120mm diameter wheels, giving you the ability to customize your riding experience to your needs and preferences. In addition, a completely new fender is included in the package to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics.

Compared to its predecessor, the Pandemonium V1, the V2 model is 10mm wider and offers a significant increase in strength, while making it stronger, it's also made it extremely light!

The park deck comes in 3 different sizes 46cm which weighs only 895 grams, 50cm which weighs 950 grams and 54cm which weighs 1005 grams.

The box-shaped street decker also comes in 3 different sizes with one of 50cm and weighing 1150 grams, 54cm which weighs 1190 grams and 58cm which weighs only 1250 grams.

Explore our range and choose between the elegant black version, the raw version or the striking Chrome Blue version of the Ethic Pandemonium V2. Take your riding to the next level with the Ethic Pandemonium V2 at Wallride in Växjö today!

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