Venom Plug Barrel Standard Bushings (Lila)

Venom Plug Barrel Standard Bushings (Lila)

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Want to switch up your style with your Caliber trucks or do just need a fresh set of bushings?

Then don't rob yourself of this great option from Venom, that is purpose-built to be used with Caliber Longboard Trucks. Due to the plug-shape, all lateral play is eliminated, yielding a quicker return-to-center making your board ride more responsive and with a more direct turning feel.

*Each pack comes with 1 Plug Barrel Bushing and a regular Cone in the same durometer.


  • Venom HPF formula
  • Made in the United States of America
  • One set includes:
    • One plug barrel bushing
    • One regular cone bushing


  • 85A = Yellow
  • 87A = Purple
  • 90A = Red
  • 93A = Green
  • 95A = Glow In The Dark

Notice: You need two bushings for each truck, which means you need two 2-Packs for a complete setup.


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