Root Air Komplett Hjulsätt 2-pack (Mirror)

Root Air Komplett Hjulsätt 2-pack (Mirror)

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With a weight of only 230 grams per wheel (with bearings) - The Root wheels are one of the lightest wheels ever to hit the market. Thanks to the use of high grade 6061 aluminum and a unique construction.

The Air wheels from Root are made with hollowcore technology. This is essentially air trapped in the core between to sturdy aluminum plates. This not only creates a light construction but also makes it very strong.

The PU formula that Root uses has rapidly become a favorite amongst many pro riders. It makes the wheel super fast and strong.

Hjul diameter: 120mm
Hjul Material: Root's PU formula
Kullager: Ingår
Kärna design: Hollow
Vikt: 460g
Hjul pr. packa: 2

Kärna material: Aluminium 6061
Hjul profil: Rund
Kullager precision: Inte anges
Kullager storlek: 608
Axel diameter: 8mm
Hjulets nav bredd: 24mm