Proto X Centrano Plasma Sparkcykel Hjul 2-Pack (Clear On Red)

Proto X Centrano Plasma Sparkcykel Hjul 2-Pack (Clear On Red)

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1 099 kr
1 099 kr
Ordinarie pris
1 099 kr
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The Proto Plasma Pro Scooter Wheels are back in a collaboration with Centrano

You better move fast one these bad boys since they are wildly popular and some of the best performing pro scooter wheels on the market. This time around in a Proto X Centrano collabo, with both logos presented on a clear PU with a red core and Centrano red logo lettering.

The stickiest and most grippy wheel by Proto

  • If you love riding Proto wheels but find them lacking in grip, then you should try the Plasmas
  • The Plasma Wheels are made in California and come with Proto Murders bearings pre-installed
  • The cores are made with the coveted Proto BUFF core tech that helps prevent dehubbing

Extra Egenskaper: BUFF core teknologi
Hjul diameter: 110mm
Hjul Material: PU
Kullager: Ingår
Kärna design: Spoked
Vikt: 220g

Hjul pr. packa: 2
Kärna material: Aluminium
Hjul profil: Platt
Kullager storlek: 608
Axel diameter: 8mm
Hjulets nav bredd: 24mm