Ethic DTC Dynasty v2 Kickbike Styre (Svart)

Ethic DTC Dynasty v2 Kickbike Styre (Svart)

Ordinarie pris
639 kr
639 kr
Ordinarie pris
639 kr
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Strong steel bar with reinforcements. Fits only with the ICS systems. The reinforcement parts have been forged separately to increase strenght and reduce weight.

The V2 version is much wider at 580mm compared to the 1st version. The gussets have been molded for better durabillity.

Notice: Permanent built-in ICS-10 starnut. Cannot be adjusted up or down.

Kompatibel med: ICS-10, SCS
Bar-ends som passar till: Stål
Bar höjd: 570, 670, 720, 620mm
Bar bredd: 580mm
Bar material: Chromoly Stål 4130
Bar ytterdiameter: 32mm (Standard)
Bar innediameter: 28mm

Vikt: 1160g
Bar design: Four-piece
Bar shape: Y-formad
SCS Ready: Nej
Kompression system ingår: ICS-10 (endast starnut)