Ethic DTC Merrow SCS/HIC V2 Sparkcykel Framgaffel (Svart)

Ethic DTC Merrow SCS/HIC V2 Sparkcykel Framgaffel (Svart)

Ordinarie pris
999 kr
999 kr
Ordinarie pris
999 kr
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Strength and weight was the key features when designing this fork. But it also comes with a built in crown race / headset ring and removable spacers. Forged out of one piece of 7075 aluminium its as hard as it gets. Also come with concave axle for maximum durability.

Topcap / Compression bolt is included for SCS & HIC compatibility.

Hjul diameter: 100mm, 110mm
Kompatibel med: Standard HIC, SCS
Hjulets nav bredd: 24mm
Framgaffel längd: 150mm
Vikt: 246g
Framgaffel design: One-piece
Framgaffel typ: Utan gänga
Material: Aluminium 7075
Crown race: Inbyggd
Materialets behandlingskvalitet: T6

Hjul offset: 10mm
Hjulbult: Ingår
Axel diameter: 8mm
Framespacer typ: Brickor
Kompression system ingår: HIC (endast starnut)
Starnut: Ingår
Kompressions Bult: Ingår
Kompressions Bult längd: 34mm
Framgaffel hjulbult längd: 33mm