Ethic Mogway 12STD Sparkcykel hjul (Black/Raw)

Ethic Mogway 12STD Scooter Wheel (Black/Raw)

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Ride hard with a bigger wheel for your kick bike

You can ride your favorite spot with renewed vigor, thanks to the size of this Mogway wheel from Ethic.

Ethic expands its range with beefier 12STD wheels with Mogway

  • Despite its large size, it is extremely light, both in weight and appearance
  • Made of heat treated aluminum with strong grade for extra durability
  • You get a lot of grip thanks to both the width and the PU formula

Note: This wheel will not work with standard 8mm wheel studs.

Wheel diameter : 115mm, 125mm
Wheel Material : PU
Ball bearings : Included
Wheel hardness : 88A
Core design : Spoked
Weight : 360g
Wheels per pack : 1

Core material : Aluminum 6061
Wheel profile : Flat
Ball bearing precision : Not specified
Ball bearing size : 6001
Shaft diameter : 12mm
Wheel hub width : 30mm