Chubby Lab Sparkcykel Hjul (Toxic Green)

Chubby Lab Scooter Wheels (Toxic Green)

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Check out this awesome trick scooter wheel from the brand Chubby. With a solid aluminum core, this model provides the strength and stability to handle the hard hits of your latest tricks. Chubby has designed the wheel with a round profile (round) to give you a stable wheel with less friction which leads to increased speed.

  • Weighing in at just 218g, this wheel has the lightness you need to easily lift off the ground
  • Fast and smooth rolling ABEC 9 ball bearings are included and fitted, so you'll be out and rolling in no time

Note: Be sure to choose a wheel with a diameter and hub width that fits your deck and front fork.

Wheel diameter : 110mm
Ball bearings : Included
Core design : Solid
Weight : 218g
Wheels per pack : 1
Core material : Aluminum

Wheel profile : Round
Ball bearing precision : ABEC-9
Ball bearing size : 608
Shaft diameter : 8 mm
Wheel hub width : 24mm